One Year In Tempus Project Mahatma

The Faculty of Education and Humanities has already been involved for one year in the three-year-long international TEMPUS project MAHATMA - Master of Higher Education Management: Developing Leaders for Managing Educational Transformation - 530311-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-AM-TEMPUS-JPCR (2012-400). During this year we participated in kick-off meeting, two training sessions for academicians in Paris and for administration in Palermo). We have developed the learning outcomes for the new MA program in Higher Education Administration (the program, the curriculum and the syllabi). Financed by the project, wepurchased the corresponding educational materials, software and equipment, and now the program is ready for accreditation. A coordination meeting and a workshop on student mobility were held in Yerevan on December 9-10. It was decided that, financed by the project, two best student from IBSU MA program in Education Management will visit Bath Spa university (UK) for two weeks to attend lectures, seminars, meetings and to work on their research topics in November 2014. Besides, up to 5 students will visitfor two weeksASUE (Armenian State University of Economics) while 5 students from ASUE will visit IBSU, to participate in educational as well as extracurricular events. On December 13 we received a guest from Middlesex University – George Dafoulas who held an exciting induction program for lecturers and students. 

TEMPUS meeting in France

The Faculty of Education at IBSU is participating in the TEMPUS project MAHATMA (Master of Higher Education Management: Developing leaders for managing educational transformation - 530311-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-AM-TEMPUS-JPCR (2012-400). On April 28 - May 3 a meeting on the project was held in Sèvres (suburb of Paris), France, in which three members of the Faculty of Education participated: Vice Rector, Professor Natela Doghonadze, Associate Professor Ekaterine Pipia and Assistant Professor Nino Tvalchrelidze. An intensive training course (Staff Capacity Building) for the academic staff intended to deliver the academic programme was organized with the aim to build on the capacity on the innovative teaching and learning methods, student assessment methods, research methods and effective class management. Very interesting sessions were held by representatives of EU partners Paul Hyland (Bathspa University, UK), Carmelo Pollichino (Centro Studi ed Initiative Europeo, Italy), Elli Georgiadou (Middlesex University, UK), Serge Chernichenko (Koblenz-Landau University, Germany), and Petr Novotný  (Masarykova University, Czech Republic).    

The participants from Georgian and Armenian Universities in the frames of the project will disseminate the received knowledge in their universities in September. They presented their programmes and vision  of the project, also worked on development and improvement of the programmes, made plans for the future meeting in Palermo, Italy for administrative staff.  


Opening of TEMPUS project MAHATMA

The Faculty of Education at IBSU is participating in the TEMPUS project MAHATMA (Master of Higher Education Management: Developing leaders for managing educational transformation - 530311-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-AM-TEMPUS-JPCR (2012-400). The grantholder is Armenian State Pedagogical University.  Participants are universities and other educational organizations from 7 countries (Armenia, Georgia, UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Czech Republic, its duration is three academic years. The kick-off meeting was held in Yerevan on December, 11-12, 2012. Vice Rector Prof., Dr. Natela Doghonadze and Associate Professor, Dr. Ekaterine Pipia represented our university at the meeting.

MAHATMA'S wider objective is to promote transformation of higher education management in Armenia and Georgia through the introduction of a new Master's programme and professional development courses (PDCs) in higher education management. The specific objectives evolve around the enhancement of the institutional capacity to implement the new Master's programme/PDCs (teaching and learning and management of the programme; as well as the promotion of a change dialogue between the education stakeholders through establishment of a Professional Association of Educationalists leading to system transformation activities.

At IBSU we have a Master Program in Education Management running which will be modified into a Master program of Higher Education Management. As the running program was accredited on February 1, 2012for five years by National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, those who want to study at it can apply to National Exam Center for unified Master’s exams. If they succeed in getting the grant, their studies will be largely covered by it (the tuition fee is going to be 3000 GEL per year). More details about the program will appear on faculty website and Facebook in February. The program includes best students’ 2-month exchange (at the expense of the project) in partner countries. The classes during 3 semesters will be 3 days a week for three hours each starting at 17.00 or 18.00 the evening (may be, one day will be Saturday) – details of timetable can be agreed on.   To write a Master dissertation in the last (fourth) semester, students will have a local and an international supervisor.