Basics of Law

On April 29, 2013, IBSU hosted the presentation of Prof. Dr. Malkhaz Chakhnashvili’s book – “Basics of Law”. This book is the first English Language edition in the relevant sphere accomplished in Georgia and designed for the students interested in the basics of law.

Prof. Dr. Malkhaz Chakhnashvili has been teaching Law in IBSU since 1997. He defended PhD thesis in the field of Public Law at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. At different times, he lectured at Tbilisi State University, Police Academy and other universities in Georgia. Prof. Chakhnashvili is a war veteran and holds a title of the Colonel.

During the presentation professor talked about the aim, content and purpose of the writing of this book. He also touched the subject of importance of teaching basics of law and problematic issues in this field.

Presentation ended with a banquette where invited guests had an opportunity to discuss the book and receive a signed copy from the author.


Business Russian Language

International Black Sea University has published the book “Business Russian Language” by Gulnara Diasamidze* and Khatuna Tabatadze*, Editor in Chief Ilyas Ustunyer*. Presentation of the book was held on March 5, 2014, 17:30 pm, at Ilia Chavchavadze National Parliamentary Library, 3rd Building.

The book “Business Russian Language” discusses the importance of teaching Russian language for business purposes. Those who are planning business relations with Russian counterparts should be less dependent on interpreters and should understand with Russian character and Russian life. Besides, in a contemporary world there has been established a high demand for those specialists who can effectively communicate in specific situations. “The readiness for studying foreign languages as well as the capacity for the communication with other peoples represent the basis for the mobility and are the key to mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence in our interconnected world. They serve every citizen’s fundamental development.”

*Gulnara Diasamidze – Doctor in Philology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. at Faculty of Education and Humanities, International Black Sea University (IBSU), Tbilisi/Georgia.

*Khatuna Tabatadze - Doctor in Philology, Invited Lecturer at Faculty of Education and Humanities, International Black Sea University (IBSU), Tbilisi/Georgia.

*Ilyas Ustunyer – Doctor in Philology, Prof. Dr., Vice-Rector for Science and Research, International Black Sea University (IBSU), Tbilisi/Georgia.



Founder Of Georgian Turkology: Sergi Jikia


On October 20, 2014 at 18:00 pm the presentation of Turkish translation of a book "Founder of Georgian Turkology: SERGI JIKIA (Bio-Bibliography)" was held at International Black Sea University. The book compiler is Ia Duduchava* and it is translated by Ilyas Ustunyer*.

Sergi Jikia, Doctor in Philology was an academician and honored scientist, scholar of Turkish Philology, researcher of the Middle East and the Caucasus people. He has published more than 150 works, mainly focused on linguistic and historical-literary contacts, dialects and linguistic relations, phonetics, morphology and vocabulary issues.

Prof. Dr. Ilyas Ustunyer highlighted the significance of the work from the point of view that it allows us to compare the situation of Turkology in Georgian universities, during  Academician Sergi Jikia’s life and after his death.

The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Among invited guests were Academician Sergi Jikia’s former disciples and the Professors of Turkology Directions from different Georgian universities. The audience was greeted by Mr. Adem Onal, Head of Trustee Board and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ilyas Chiloglu, Rector of International Black Sea University.

The evening ended with dinner and the guests were gifted with the book and symbolic presents.

*Ia Duduchava - National Scientific Library of  Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi/Georgia.

*Ilyas Ustunyer – Doctor in Philology, Prof. Dr. Ilyas Ustunyer, Vice-Rector for Science and Research, International Black Sea University (IBSU), Tbilisi/Georgia.