Medical consulting room has been functioning at International Black Sea University since 2011. It is well-equipped and provided with primary health care resources and medication. Doctor Mariam Zebedashvili cares for the well-being of students and personnel. In addition, she takes all the efforts to raise their awareness of essential healthcare issues through talking to them in person, or inviting competent people who deliver sessions on various health topics. For instance, last year a seminar was held on tobacco and its adverse effects on a human body. International Black Sea University actively cooperates with blood banks. Students and personnel of the university voluntarily donate blood for free trying to help create sufficient blood supply. This kind of initiative is crucial for supporting medical treatment of leukemia children patients. 

Through the day the doctor is addressed by students and university personnel with various complaints or questions. The number of visits during a month varies between 120 and 180. International Black Sea University provides all necessary conditions and resources so that student and personnel feel safe and comfortable.