Public Defense of PhD Dissertation - Fatih Cura

On  November 13, 2018, at 15:00

Public Defense of PhD Dissertation


 “Effect of Leadership Practices on Organizational Learning Processes in Universities: Case of Northern Iraq Universities”.

by Fatih Cura


will be held in IBSU Conference Hall (Building A, room N 101).


The Thesis is available at IBSU library

Scrum Workshop

19 October - 13:00 Registration, 14:00 - 19:00 Workshop
20 October - 11:00 - 19:00 Workshop
21 October - 11:00 - 19:00 Workshop 

Curriculum: “Boosting your productivity with Scrum - in your teams and your software development"
- How agile values and principles support you in increasing your productivity
- How continuous improvement leads to high performing teams 
- Highly interactive and fun workshop so you learn by doing 
- History of Scrum
- Role of Scrum in teams (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer) 
- Meetings and in Scrum process
- Sense of Responsibility in Teams - Creating User Stories and Epics
- Evaluation of costs and surpluses 
- Retrospectives - how marginal gains lead to increased productivity
- Features in distributed software development 
- Self organising and communication in teams

Workshop Providers:
“Sven Koble is a Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leader. With his first company BESK Kft. ( he and his teams support companies in achieving their organisational goals by using agile values and principles. With his second company Ulassa ( he provides agile communication tools to companies around the world, so they can take immediate action in implementing agile values and principles. He worked with many international companies with distributed team and has more than 19 years IT experience around the world, including Germany, Hungary, India, Australia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Romania.”

"Dr. David Großmann is a Certified Agile Leader and works in an international company based in Germany with many years of experience in leading interdisciplinary teams and in distributed software development projects including Scrum. He has led multiple European academic research projects and is known in his field as a conference speaker."

Registration Link:

International Black Sea University became the official exam center of the Owlypia

Owlypia is a global online competition inspired by The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC). It aims to inspire the intellectual curiosity in young minds around the world. The first Owlypia took place on 28 February 2018 with over 960 Owlypians participating from 28 countries around the world.

The dates for the upcoming Owlypia competitions: 24 
November 2018 and 23 March 2019.

Owlypia is an excellent opportunity for young individuals to compete with others online showing their knowledge and skills in their favorite subject areas. Young minds embrace challenges revolving around a central theme. This year’s theme is “Creativity: Beyond the Borders”. Any student aged 11-14 (Owlets) or 15-18 (Owlys) can enroll to take part in this online competition. Participants must choose their favorite subject and prepare themselves for the competition by using the recommended resources indicated under the subjects.

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Public Defense of PhD Dissertation - Maia Kutateladze

On  September 27, 2018, at 15:00

Public Defense of PhD Dissertation


“American, Turkish, Chinese and Georgian Cultural Differences andPpeculiarities Depicted in Business English Correspondence”

by Maia Kutateladze

will be held in IBSU Conference Hall (Building A, room N 101).


The Thesis is available at IBSU library

Public Defense of PhD Dissertation - Salome Gogberashvili

On  October 8, 2018, at 17:00

Public Defense of PhD Dissertation


“Women’s role in transforming traditional American family composition in comparison with changes of Georgian family structure (1960-2010)“

by Salome Gogberashvili

will be held in IBSU Conference Hall (Building A, room N 101).


The Thesis is available at IBSU library