Quality Assurance Office


Head of Quality Assurance Office

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diana Mtchedlishvili



Faculty Quality Assurance Managers:


Faculty of Education & Humanities: Prof. Dr. Ekaterine Pipia

Faculty of Social Sciences: Prof. Dr. Ekaterine Pipia

Faculty of Business Management: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sopio Khundadze

Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Giorgi Tsanatskenishvili

Faculty of Law: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vakhtang Zaalishvili

Conception of the Quality Assurance Service   


Quality Assurance Service operates on the basis of the university’s regulation. It ensures systematic evaluation of study and research activities of a Higher Education Institution, also upgrades personnel qualifications, closely cooperates with the similar services of foreign higher education institutions in order to establish the transparent criteria for quality control and to develop the methodology for meeting these criteria. 

Besides, Quality Assurance Service 

  • Participates in various trainings and international conferences, related to the issues of Quality Assurance at a Higher Education Institution. 
  • Conducts seminars and workshops inside the university, about methods of teaching, administration, development of syllabuses and programs in whole, etc.
  • Distributes different kinds of anonymous evaluation questionnaires about the lecturers, study programs and general conditions of the University.
  • Has discussions with students and academic, administrative and technical staff.

            After that Quality Assurance Service prepares reports on the investigation and resolution of quality issues. 
Quality Assurance Personnel are responsible for assessment, verification and suggesting enhancements to the various parts of the institution.  

            At International Black Sea University there are also the Faculty Quality Assurance Services at each faculty, which promote high quality education by introducing modern methods of teaching, learning and evaluation (syllabi, program, etc.) and prepare self-evaluation forms for the authorization and accreditation process.