Administrative Board

Ilias Chiloglu

Rector, Professor, Chairperson

Goderdzi Buchashvili

Vice-Rector, Associate Professor, Vice-chairperson

Tamar Shioshvili

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education, Professor, member

Tea Kbiltsetskhlashvili

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Technologies, Professor, member

Ekaterine Bakaradze

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Associate Professor, member

M.Murat Erguvan

Director of the Directorate of Education, Research and Innovation, Associate Professor, member

Ilyas Ustunier

Director of the Graduate School, Professor, member

Nino Jojua

Head of the Quality Assurance Office, Associate Professor, member

Saffet Bayraktutan

Chancellor, member

Tamta Tskovrebadze

Head of the Chancellery and Human Recourses Management Office, Associate Professor, member

Tamar Shudra

Head of the Legal Office, member, secretary